Little Joe’s Pizza


The original Little Joe’s pizza from Chicago’s 63rd Street is now available in Tinley Park, New Lenox and Frankfort. The same original recipe that was used over 60 years ago is still causing customers to say, ”WOW! That’s a great tasting pizza!” Whether your choice is a stuffed fresh pepperoni, mushroom and onion or a simple thin crust cheese mini 8” personal size, every pizza is made with the freshest ingredients and love.x`

Little Joe’s Pizzeria and Restaurante has it’s roots on the south side of Chicago on 63rd Street with it’s beginnings as a great gathering place for families and friends in the neighborhood. Pat Albergo and Joe Pierre opened the doors of that establishment the same day Pat’s daughter Suzi was Born! Suzi met her future husband Abby in the kitchen of the 63rd street pizzeria, and after hard work and dedication, Suzi and Abby brought their family recipes and pizza to the southwest suburbs in Tinley Park, New Lenox and most recently Frankfort!

The same recipes and traditions Joe Albergo started at 63rd Street in Chicago are carried on in the pizza at New Lenox, Tinley Park and Frankfort! You can enjoy mouthwatering combinations with the freshest ingredients or be creative and build your own tastes. Begin your traditions with the next generation of your family gathering for stuffed pizza in Tinley Park, thin crust pizza in Frankfort or a deep-dish pizza in New Lenox!