Our History

Celebrating 60 Years!

Little Joe’s Pizzeria and Restaurante was established by Pat Albergo and Joe Pierre on 63rd Street on Chicago’s south side in 1958. The doors opened on the same day that Pat’s daughter Suzi was born. (A busy day for Pat!) It was a staple business on 63rd Street for 33 years and a gathering place for many families and neighbors. The little girl that was born on the same day that Little Joe’s opened met her future husband Abby in the kitchen on 63rd Street. Suzi says that whenever Abby cooked for her, there were always hearts made of carrots or cheese on her plate, and rest they say is history. Now, after years of dedication and hard work Abby was able to purchase the restaurant from his father-in-law. Abby and Suzi now run the day to day operations. They moved out to the southwest suburbs, like many others, to expand their business and family. There are locations in Tinley Park and New Lenox. 

They still run the restaurant with the same traditions and recipes from the old 63rd Street location. They welcome all that walk through the doors with open arms. They welcome new faces and are so happy to see the old ones too. They love hearing, “We used to go to the one on 63rd Street!” The Family is proud of where Little Joe’s has come from and where they are today. They are truly blessed to be able share the joy of food with so many.

Abby and Suzi want to thank all of their employees (past and present) and all their customers, for without them there would not be a Little Joe’s.

Thank you for coming to Little Joe’s, your business is truly appreciated!

God Bless You All